Tales From The Crit

My latest video is finally out! Tales From the Crit is actually the event title for Singapore's first criterium race ever! Organised by the combined efforts of PeonFx & Crank Arm Steady, the event managed to pull in not only local participants, but also riders from the region such as Johor, Kota Bahru & Kuala Lumpur. It was an exciting event for me as I got to meet some people that I have been looking up to and also feast my eyes on some very sexy bicycles. All in all, a good experience and hopefully this will be the beginning to more fixie videos in the future!

& due to the strong support that I got from the TFTCrit crew my videos got reblogged at some well established fixie websites namely ProllyIsNotProbably & Pedal Consumption. It's insane to see your video being posted on a website that you've been stalking for the past few months! Click on the images to have a peep the websites!


Shoutout to the TFTCrit crew for the honest feedbacks & strong support that got me prompted to push myself to edit a better video! Sooo psyyyyched!

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