Years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Pierce The Veil and asked me to listen to their then single "Yeah Boy and Doll Face". I still remember wondering whether the voice that I was listening to belongs to a male or female singer. As i enquired with my friend, he laughs and told me that it belonged to a male singer. And that was what he liked about that male singer's voice, how high and rich it could be. Ever since then, I got hooked to PTV and I got hooked real bad.

As the years go by, PTV recorded more albums and with that, their popularity grew. They travelled extensively supporting bigger bands on bigger tours, and suddenly they were flying out of America to play huge shows to total foreign crowds. As the band's success grew bigger, I knew it was only a short amount of time before they are going to play a show in Singapore. And I was right.

Thanks to the good people of Live! Empire, Pierce The Veil played to a sold out crowd at the *Scape Theatre. What was even better was that I was the official videographer for the show. I could hardly believe myself. There I was, standing between the band on stage, and the sold out crowd behind my back, camera in hand trying to get the best angle I could get as the band rocked their souls out. It was an unbelievable night for sure but it only led me to believe so much more in the phrase "Mentality To Reality". What you think about, you bring about. Without further ado, I present to you the video. I hope you will enjoy it!

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